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The terrifying truth about commercial dog food…

If you feed your dog commercial food then you need to see this.

OMG, I can barely believe what I just saw.

I love my dog and I know you love yours, so I’m compelled to share this video with you.
Watch it now because ignoring it could cut years off your dog’s life.

(Sorry to sound like I’m fear mongering…. you’ll understand when you watch it)

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Make Your Own Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Making your own food for the dog is both fun and healthy. You just know what your dog gets in and do not try to show the mysterious ingredients on the back of the feed package.

Before you begin it is important to know that dogs have a little nutritional needs other than humans.

Make your dog’s meal using:

1. High quality protein (meat, fish, egg, intestine food)

2. Fat (oil, fat from meat, egg yolk)

3. Calcium (found in milk products, eggshell and raw bones)

4. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oil etc.)

5. Carbohydrates (vegetables or rice)


To ensure that the dog gets the minerals and vitamins it needs to feel good, it is recommended to add a vitamin supplement for dogs. In the market, for example, Vitamin and mineral tablets (especially made for dogs) and calcium in powder form for puppies and growing dogs.

An adult dog should eat around 2-5% of its body weight daily – depending on how active it is.

Here is an example of how to calculate how much a dog weighs 5 kg then he/she should eat 3% of its body weight, which would be:
5,000 x 0.03 = 150 grams

Macro and Micro nutrients

This recipe is based on 50% protein, 25% vegetables and 25% carbohydrates, but you can customize it to suit your dog and choose whether to give carbohydrates or not.

Make sure to add healthy Omega 3 to the foods to balance out the omega 6 and 9 that are abundant in the animal fats they are already getting.

Homemade Dog Food Calculator

Find out how much your dog needs, make use of this online homemade dog food calculator for free on

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